Explorer's Pack

5e adventuring gear for beginners


A break down of the decision making process can be found on this reddit post.

Pack card fronts


  • 1 Micro Character Sheet
  • 1 Gameplay Essentials reference
  • 1 Combat and Turn reference
  • 6 Color Coded Dice
  • 1 collection of color coded labels

Pack card backs


  1. Review the Gameplay Essentials.
  2. Work with GM to create character.
  3. Keep references handy.
  4. Use labels as dice reminders.

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Nice! I feel like this is a great tool for getting new players into the game quickly so that they can try a session out. /u/Spideydawg

Card Downloads

Source Download


The Explorers Pack references many useful 5e rules. These rules are collected from the 5.1 Systems Reference Document (SRD). This SRD content is used lawfully under to the terms of the Open Game License (OGL). You can read the full OGL and SRD here: Wizards of the Coast/DND/SRD-OGL V5.1 (pdf)


  • Erin Langford Photography for photography and patience
  • Wizards of the Coast for the game of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
  • Game Master Dice for supplies and advice
  • The Geek Society (.gr) for the “Made for 5e” logo
  • Pixabay for additional “stock” type photos
  • Korothas de-Relan, Eladithas Deryth, Escobar, Flox Noccin, Rifinas, Febo, Jeff Do’Urden, Malik Aidenson, Rotram Frostbeard, Thing, and Varrock (and of course the players that play these PCs).


The Explorers Pack can help new players to more easily jump into the game by helping them quickly identify the dice and recall common rules. Check it out on Etsy